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Artist:E-Town Concrete
No album artwork found
Track:I Got This
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:The future was bright, begin a new life. No more waking up at night from the fights at the bar
across the street. Finally I can fuck in peace without my little brother sneaking peeks, it's deep.
I'll miss punching holes in the walls when I'm upset. I'll miss arguing saying things that I regret.
And yo, even though it was planned and we was set, I knew inside, it wasn't over yet. As his body
deadens, her eyes redden, become puffed out and let one tear out to celebrate two years out. It's
two years less I guess, moving back, losing everything got you stressed. It's kinda' sad though, we
was on the map, and now we're going back. No fear I got your back, always forever, always. I got
your back, I got this. Don't you worry, if things don't work out, (which they will) I'ma blow up
still and pay off your bills. For real, I'll take these presidents, hit you off with something
elegant - a house that's lovely - have you living plushy, sleeping comfortably, living way too dope
to be having worries. I got this. The start of another ending. If you feel hate throw your hands up,
if you ever felt pain throw your hands up. You gotta' maintain, step up and never fall back, keep it
true through and through, and you can do that. Realize, open your eyes your best friends are you
worst enemies ... sometimes.
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