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Viewing Lyrics for Tell Me:

Artist:Ice Mc
No album artwork found
Track:Tell Me
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Oh what a woman what a dame what a beauty
Baby gotta find out whats ya name and your duty

Thats what I was thinking when you pass me by
Ive never ever seen someone that look that
But Baby where you at as I rap this track
No womans ever touch me in your mind like
I gotta gotta get you theres no ifs or buts
Cause you the prima donna plus lm tired
of sluts
Is your name Christina, Deddie or Edwina
Sonia or Trisha, Cavoline or Divina

Ive seen her in the supermarket round the corner
Paying for shampoo and some Evian water

Definately looking after that little body
It had enough power to take out a whole army

Im barmy out of my mind this time
I got to have you for my woman cause your so damn fine

Tell me tell me tell me

ld give you what you want and make you feel like a
Give you good loving and ld feed it to you daily
Do it in the shower in the closet
cause lm adle
Do it in the kitchen underneath the round tadle
No I wouldnt rush it ld be
cool and chill
Do it real slow cause I know I got skill
Massage your body and your mind
and your soul
Making you happy is my mission
Make you happys my goal
Im true when
I say like you theres no other
Cause you make Cindy Crawford look
Like the Queen's
If you got a hoyfriend well he dont know hes in danger
Cause somethings gonna
When his thing meets with a stranger
You gyal well cris no make her walk street
The Dreadatour deh bout lard him bad to the bone
lm going to the supermarket this
lm sure lm gonna buck her up again real soon

I checked you out like the
Del Monte man said yes
Now I want to taste you and de sure you're the best
In the area
you stand out from the rest
I want to show you why I have a big "D" on my chest
incredibilmente bella
Congratulations going to your mother
An God the genius I wonder
how he does it
A creation like you is difficult to get adore it
You you you darlin you
got me hangin on a string
Now now now you hit me like a Tyson Blow, Pow!
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