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Artist:Sadat X
No album artwork found
Album:Wild Cowboys
Track:Open Bar
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:featuring Grand Puba

Bring it down...
As we proceed well
dressed to get done
Live well dress well to the day it's done (2x)

Come here singing check this 2 piece combo
Grand Puba Dat X snatching Polly
Please dig the way we grant this cheese
Looks a whole lot better wit a pocket
full of cheddar(yea)
We smacked this on the blizzard day we all remember
We stomp
through wit Gortex and 3 ?guaded? timbers
So Ali, put them things to a halt
Get that
rhythm so we can stack these papers in a ?boat?
No time for chicken when a nigga politicing

No time for sticking cuz honey here is easy picking
I need to be straighter than
Catch a flashback and you can do me in the project elevator
It's no guessing
when it comes to this session
Ah, it's no diggy, Ali hit us wit a blessing
Me and
Sadat go back to the days of the sandbox
Now we much bigger, still laying nigga
used to chase honies back then
Now all we chasing is decimals, Range Rovers and Mercedes
850's and houses, no time for skirts and blouses
Bitch, back the fuk up of my


(Sadat X)
Yea yea yea
Can you
face success for the coming year
Drink jet, lay back and get your swiderve
Make the
breadline wind way around the corner
I want all of my people to be rich so life wouldn't be
such a bitch
The same way as it comes, I want my pockets filled wit lumps
Puba, you
know me for 20 odd years
Let's raise our glasses in cheers, ?that was all our? careers

You know what, we goaling in since the days of old
My pockets been swoll yet
Never dwell, we live swell on the d-low
Raise the person now in you,
getting wit the us and now
Alamo, if you hit me once mo' wit that

return and burn, kill shit for the ages
Rip up the stages listed in the yellow pages

They better slow down wit that slander
I am the great Sadat X from New York state

And I rate much more than pretenders
I'm down wit mindbenders and the big moneyspenders, the
big earners
There'll be no cross burners in this part of the grass
I'll be the first
one to flip and run up wild in that ass

Bring it down...

(Sadat X)
Let bygones be bygones was last year's episode
This year I wanna
explode wit the great paper caper
If the move is willing, should I not go for the killing

Freewheeling poses alot of death, wack rappers waste alot of breaths
The cognac is
back in a mid size glass wit ice
I'm already nice, who got the dice
So let's roll,
hold on, let me gain control
When you hear this jam, you can bet your last dollar
was jack deep down born in a whole squalla
Hey Puba, speak to these people

(Grand Puba)
Hey, hey, hey, hey, man, yo
My days is over playing Willie Cassanova

Used to fuk wit these bitches til I smacked up my Rover
Used to take the hoes to the
If they wanted mo', used to take them to the motel
Shit was swell, in '96
though I be mad jell
Cuz if you play these niggaz out, they might go tell
And on
that note, let's shake it to we all butt naked
Keep the crisp style flowing, 'Mo, keep the
beat going
It's Grand Puba, Ali, Sadat and don't foget it
Make you happy like the
day that OJ was acquitted

Yea as we put it on like this, know I'm saying

Wild Cowboy, Grand Puba, Ali, ?mow wow skow?
Black, Bird, Mark Da Spark, Stud Doogie, huh,
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