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Viewing Lyrics for The Lump Lump:

Artist:Sadat X
No album artwork found
Album:Wild Cowboys
Track:The Lump Lump
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Verse One:

People often see me in jams and be thinkin I'm high
No that just
be my lazy eye
What's your reply to the evidence against you
Your girlfriend found
one hand just one loan credit
Exclaimed you was fuckin you claim downtown
where Fred
can beat that win that quick nigga wins the ballgames
Tailwind nose is a must on any con
any truck
When riding on luck you catch an empty
Riding on the wave is real good,
suave bola
You be playin the low low, while your girlfriend be like, "Oh no!"
I seen
it with my own eyes and I know that it was him
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Episodes of Free Willy bring strife in your life
You can flip and use the gift of
gab, but don't waver
If you love your girlfriend, then you better save her
Cause the
next man is eager, to run up in yours
Be in her drawers, put your girl on her fours

Sometime's the girls game's tighter than a sloppy ass nigga
I got my girl locked down hey
that's the truth nigga
She gone away for the weekend, man she right uptown
around with my man Boogie Brown
I keep your arms in the air, your feet on the floor

While you're over there frontin with these kids
your girl's givin jaw


I been doin my own thing (2X)

Verse Two:

you got your own dough, from where I don't know
You hold degrees from two universities

Girl you're worth cheese in the nine-seis
Sadat owns apartment keys, is it Alize for
You got a mind on top of that spine plus the lump lump
Highly educated and
highly motivated
Workin girl skirt tight love to hurt
What to exert, I break your
next man's pocket
Smell of freak fragrant, unlike the vagrant
You can pay the rent
always, and don't be gettin hallways
In the bed girlie and at work by nine
Put on
the work force ridin on a iron horse
Bring it home to dad, the one piece cause I'm here

Workout baby doll and keep yo' career
No chiggedy, no diggedy, not you
that I got you, when I did
Cause you was runnin wild with this out of style kid, no class

Light in the ass, white enough to pass
Shotproof glass for the midnight mass


Verse Three:

I have seen this chick at the bar,
furiously she was searchin
She want to wet her whistle with the glass of bubbly
want the Willie Dom not the cheap sherry
Tryin to front with the outfit that's goin back
Now she's makin me dream, if she played to force it
Dom she want to toss
it, back in that
Jet when the bottle's gone and that's a fact
Give you the wrong
number knowin it's the wrong number
Front on a nigga never that, not I
If you see me
at the bar it's dry throat
because I'm keepin these hoes dry
Hey lookie there
there's Harlem Slim!
Lookin at me, but then you're walkin with him
I be a little old
for them young girl games
I know a lot of tricks but I ain't namin no names
burnt my man, left his beef in flames
Actin ill wild like the untamed dames
came to mingle where I flowed the river Thames
When I was young in the clubs they played
Cool James
Get rich without jail, is one of my aims
You remember Good Times, with
courderoy jeans

Chorus (repeat 2.5X
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