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Artist:T Ice
No album artwork found
Track:Grand Larceny
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Stick up hands in the air
You move you lose 'cause the ICE don't care
No chance to
run don't shout
Flinch an inch I'm gonna take you out
Grand Larcenist soloist
felonist vocalist
Crime's my rhyme but here's a new twist
I ain't here for your gold
All I want is the show
This is Grand Larceny

This is Grand
Larceny (x3)

I lay low for a show and then I go
Steal the motherfucker then
we count the dough
It's kinda like robbin',but it's legally done
And now days if it
ain't legal I don't fuck around
I get a thrill when I ill and a jam is filled
10.000 screamin' people,now that's the pill
Who's gonna dog the set? The ICE will

And once I'm in effect it's overkill
Kinda like a hold-up.all the tickets sold up

And then the black stretch limo cold rolls up
And then the posse breaks,high off the Cold
And then I set the mic to show destruct
Even if we open up,it don't mean
I rock the rhymes.E does the cuttin'
Call it shownappin' I take a hostage a
Do shit and break out on the next flight
This is Grand Larceny

Grand Larceny

I'm a kleptomaniac when a jam is packed
You can fight all
night,but you'll still get jacked
By the show stealer,crime rhyme dealer
Rap king
pin,L.A. big-wheeler
Got a posse so strong they could lift a tank
Rob a bank

But now we steal shows the cops say thanks
Breathe easy 'cause the Syndicate deep

Before we start rappin'
They got no sleep
This is Grand Larceny

Grand Larceny

Just give me a beat,give me a stage to stand on
I know that
none ya'll ever planned on
A dude from L.A. who could rock shit this way
Have his
record go gold,with no radio play
But it happened,The Ice is rappin'
Just listen to
my fans that are clappin'
Or come to my show.sit in the front row
And watch me steal
the motherfucker before your ass can say "HO"
I'm like a time bomb,but I'm a rhyme bomb

Spray the whole audience with napalm
Or something just as hot,I'll bust a rhyme,why
Rap hittin' so hard,you'll think you shot
I'll take a show and abduct it

Stone cold house it,and if it gets wild
With gasoline I'll douse it
Set it
ablaze,and then I'll stomp it out
Many burnt emcees know what I'm talkin' about
is Grand Larceny

Promoters on my tail now
'Cause they billed me low

Here I am 'bout to steal another show
So they turn my mic down
Fuck up my audio
But too late,we just dogged another town
Rappin' like a Mac 10,as soon as I
The only way to stop the stealin'
Is throw me in the pen
But that will
never happen
'Cause I'm just cool rappin'
My Larceny is legal,so sorry Captain

I would never steal a rap
But I'll steal a show in a minute
It's as simple as
An interstate crook,my pistol's my rhyme book
Any show that I'm on is a show
that's took
Better watch my left hook,or your jaw will get shook
If my posse gets
mad,it's best you book
From the Grand Larcenist,ICE-T is my name
Got a rap like a
mac,and a game he same

This is Grand Larceny (x3
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