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Track:Crazy Hispanic
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Well its that crazy MC the one that nobody can control
So give me the microphone my name is
I know you want to fight this, pull out your pen and write this
Cause you know I be
the hypest, but I dont smoke blunts like Cypress
I never have, and I never will kinda like 7-Up,
so shut up
Before you get cut up wit another lyrical piece of glass
Gettin thrown from the
dome of T-Bone
To all them rappers sayin that my GOD is not real
But they dont be knowin my
GOD is magnificant, Omnipatent
I'm obiedent cause if I disobey I'd be burnin in the fire

Cause the devil is a liar
Tryin to make me fall any way that he can
Like makin me think
that I'm the man
By puttin a glock in my hand or a beer can
Then I be hearin these voices
sayin sip it
Put I buck the devil down, and grab the mic and start to flip it
Flop it, then
I be pullin my Bible out of my pocket
And remind the devil that he's been defeated, nobody
Jesus Christ won fair and square when He died apon the Cross
Which mean the blood was
not lost
So devil get the heck away from me cause I'm that crazy hispanic
When I grab the
mic I start to panic
Committin perfect crimes, wit the perfect rhymes
Mutalatin demons, hold
up I think I somebody screamin
Oh I think I recognize that yell
That the sound of twenty
thousand demons burnin in hell
And if you dont want to be there, then you best change your
I eat demons like a pack of Frito Lays, anyways
I got my dues, so gloria Jesus
out and tell the devil theres a crazy latin on the loose

Cause no one can
handle and wonder and loco
A crazy hispanic

I be that latin MC,
that the devil cant see
Like the wind that hear goin in ear
Like a cutip or even Ca
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